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Household items turned fun

If like many of the people questioned as to why entertaining kids with video games and dormant activity is easier than exercise, you have a problem with access to equipment then look no further. Here are some simple household items that can be used as items to invigorate and energize fun play for your child! :

1 – Use an old bed sheet for games like ‘twister’ or ‘home’. This is easily done by painting/drawing the platform – another fun activity.

2 – Help your child make their own hula-hoop. A number of simple items such as cardboard, toilet paper rolls, irrigation tubes and electrical tape.

3 – DIY parachute: Use string, serviettes/handkerchiefs, tape and a toy figurine.

Combine this with the more simple ideas such as homemade balls, skipping ropes and bats/rackets to have a fun, affordable and safe time with no excuses about equipment.

Enjoy – J


What’s this about?

This campaign is all about reaching parents and guardians of young children, and speaking to them in simple terms, with simple ideas and goals for their children. A number of handy tips at your disposal, such as turning household items into play ideas will be provided. Along with this, some stats and figures showing the overall benefits of exercise and play for young children will be published. Hopefully, a few testimonials and interviews with some people in the community who can vouch for the cause drawing from their respective experiences. – J

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