Household items turned fun

If like many of the people questioned as to why entertaining kids with video games and dormant activity is easier than exercise, you have a problem with access to equipment then look no further. Here are some simple household items that can be used as items to invigorate and energize fun play for your child! :

1 – Use an old bed sheet for games like ‘twister’ or ‘home’. This is easily done by painting/drawing the platform – another fun activity.

2 – Help your child make their own hula-hoop. A number of simple items such as cardboard, toilet paper rolls, irrigation tubes and electrical tape.

3 – DIY parachute: Use string, serviettes/handkerchiefs, tape and a toy figurine.

Combine this with the more simple ideas such as homemade balls, skipping ropes and bats/rackets to have a fun, affordable and safe time with no excuses about equipment.

Enjoy – J


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