A few things to consider

The role exercise can play in a child’s development, and on the quality of ones adult life is enormous. It’s fair to say that the benefits on the body and growth of a child physically are large parts of why we need kids outdoors. However, what a simple run around and play can do for the brain and holistic health of a child is often overlooked and not understood. This post aims to establish a few cool and interesting benefits on your child’s holistic development that exercise can provide.

* Brainfunction and alertness – for results in the classroom look no further than a healthy exercise habit for your son or daughter

* ADHD and behavioural assistance – Research suggests one of the best things for a child with attention deficit is to have them regularly play and use energy

*Happiness – Active kids are happy kids, simply.
*Social Skills – the best way for kids to interact with new friends, as well as develop skills for sociability and teamwork happen in playtime

*Head start on healthiness – Starting good trends young helps prevent heart disease, mental health problems, Alzheimer’s and the like in future

Consider these things when making choices for your child…- J


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