Depression and exercise

Nobody wants to have an unhealthy child in any sense of the word. Outdoor activity aims to prevent children from being unhealthy physically, allowing their bodies to develop in a way which contributes to a healthy life. However, the link between your child running about in the backyard and their future mental health is stronger than you may think.

A Psychosomatic Medicine Journal study analysed thousands of children in the seventh and eighth grade. The study found quite a severe level of difference between those who had a general exercise pattern and those who didn’t, in terms of depressive mood symptoms. It has been known for some time that exercise is a good thing for treating people with depression, however the extent of its benefit becoming more and more clear. Young people with good exercise routines, built on a foundation of outdoor play have a better chance of being a healthier and happier adolescent. It starts with you as a parent, encouraging outdoor play. Hopefully these patterns will last through your child’s teen years, and the level of healthy, happy kids rises manifold. – J


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