You decide – Compulsory sport for primary schools?
This post will deal with a topical debate which continues to grow in stature. Should sport be a compulsory part of a primary school students life? Currently, the new 2014 health curriculum has no requirement for sport. In previous years whereby sport was a compulsory part of all Aussie schools programs, it was seen as a bit of a relaxing time for teachers and students, and perhaps not taken as seriously as it should be.  Lets look at both sides of the argument. Those against compulsory school sport argue that many children simply have other hobbies and interests they would rather pursue their time with, and we can’t force sport and games down kid’s throats.  A previous post I made about pushy parents cites one reason for many children’s early disdain for competitive sport, but school sport or playtime shouldn’t fit under this umbrella, and should be time for children to play in an uncompetitive environment with the emphasis on health and fun, not competition.

By not making school sport compulsory kids lose out on multiple aforementioned life benefits, as well as basic fun and a way to break up the classroom routine. Not every student loves science and math, and the same will go for p.e, however we need to find a way to make the process as enjoyable and fruitful as possible for kids. By simply neglecting the benefits of physical education in schools, for me it being lazy and ignorant, and not allowing kids to receive the most truly holistic education they can.  A formal push for compulsory school sport was very recently delved into in Victoria. For those interested; (

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2 thoughts on “You decide – Compulsory sport for primary schools?

  1. Ashton

    Very interesting to see the case in Australia, I would think compulsory is the way to go – if not for anything else, how will you Aussies continue to produce amazing athletes without it?


    1. kidsplayaus Post author

      Very good point @Ashton, while this page is more about children and their basic health, for me personally what you’re saying worries me. Our best future athletes would surely be missing a trick if they aren’t playing all the way through school. Thanks for your comment



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