Some posts from similar causes

This post will briefly show you as readers some of the interesting work from people with similar views to mine. There are a number of interesting articles to read, and even a video to check out. If you have anything else to add, or some even better posts for me to read then link them below!

The first is a blog titled ‘Are Our Young Kids Sufficiently Active?’ from the Australian Council for Health Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER), which looks at some statistical guidelines and assesses the current situation. The concept of having children choose activity over inactivity resonates with what this blog is all about. For more, check it out at –

A video called ‘5 Extra Years’ has circulated YouTube for some time now. It is a powerful clip, meaning exactly what it says – Asking children what they would do with 5 extra years to live. The description details that the next generation are the first to be outlived by their parents. Increased inactivity is attributed as the main cause of this problem, even greater than smoking and other lifestyle factors. Well Worth a look:

Ready Steady Go Kids is a brilliant exercise program for younger children (2-6 years). It teaches the fundamentals of sports, exercise, general healthy lifestyle and more in a supportive and non competitive environment. With over 170 locations now in Australia it is one of the fastest growing programs. For more visit –

Remember to leave your opinions/thoughts/questions below.


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