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Don’t neglect diet


All the outdoor fun in the world counts for not so much if your child has an inadequately healthy diet. I’m not suggesting you need to put your little one on a Celery-only plan and take all their yummy foods away, but have some sense about things. The right minerals and vitamins are essential in developing strong and healthy bodies, and have positive effects on the brain as well. Kids need a selection of Vitamin C (fruits), B Vitamins (eggs), Iodine (seafood), Calcium (milk) and Zinc (meats) to function properly and maintain good health. Of course each circumstance is different, and your child mightn’t like a selection of the mentioned groups, however multivitamins and the like exist to help with this.

Be a good role model:

It is important that along with encouraging and facilitating exercise, you do the same thing with healthy eating. As the most important influence on your child, you must set the pattern. Do things like keep a fruit bowl visible, eat healthy foods yourself, always encourage healthy eating and drinking water, and so forth. Another good idea is to involve your kids in the process, make fun games out of health foods. For example, cut food into fun shapes, teach them how to cook with you, or let them help you shop.