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Don’t hate the game


Whilst the purpose of most of my posts is to discourage inside activity and promote the great outdoors, when I stumble across something interesting I feel I have to share it. A blog post last year from a page called ‘Active Sydney’ (http://activesydney.wordpress.com/) provides an interesting read on potential benefits of gaming of the indoor variety. There post ‘Positive effects of gaming?’ discusses how some aspects of video games and so forth can benefit kids of all ages, with backing from reputable sources to legitimize the article.

Whilst many parents would already think to implement an idea like this, I think it could very well be a positive idea to let kids have some video game fun in there free time, granted they have earned it through enough outdoor play. The Active Sydney post discusses how a small session of gaming every now and then helps kids think through situations, and learn core values and lessons, similar to the ones developed in team sports for example. “Co-operation, teamwork and determination”, to name just a few skills that can be honed and developed in your child from an effective balance of predominately outdoor play, with a little fun inside as a reward. It is important to remember this is not to replace the outdoor play, as that is still by far the most important aspect, and what this blog aims to promote. This post, however, is merely looking at the advantages of other peoples thinking, as we aim to include and understand the opinions of all interested parties. – J